Festival + Music Camp

Our music instructors are our festival acts! You heard that correct! Our music instructors are living, breathing, professional touring acts that can offer our students more than a sit down lesson or two. These musicians educate our students past the book and bring enormous enthusiasm to the stage and this resonates with our students. Our festival brings the opportunity for our students to see their teachers in full form before the camp – an experience unlike any other music camp out there!

A Little Canadiana

Canada’s North is awe-inspiring. The trees. The lakes. The freshest of fresh air. And, the festival/music camp is hosted in the literal centre of it all! At the beautiful Ness Creek site you will camp under the stars in a secluded forested getaway. Just a short walk from your site you will find the pristine Ness Creek, and just a few miles away is the world famous Prince Albert National Park (The home of Grey Owl!). Within the region there are hundreds of lakes, trails and other adventures just waiting to be explored! Swim, fish, hike or just relax in the sun and listen to some sweet tunes.

Need directions to the Ness Creek site? Click here

Musician + Music Lover Paradise

Do you love music? Whether it’s a singing, picking, bowing, plucking or just humming along, we offer a musician’s and music lover’s paradise. There will be hot licks, calming gospel, back beat chopping, furious bowing, deep bass, grooving old time and more. And don’t forget the jamming! Jamming, jamming and more jamming. At every corner of the festival there will be an opportunity to create music with other like minded people. Be prepared to smile for weeks and weeks after the festival. Yeah, it’ll be that much fun.

Saskatchewan Hospitality

You know how Canadians are polite and friendly? Saskatchewanians are like that but multiplied by ten! You simply won’t get a more polite, friendly and gracious set of hosts than the people of Saskatchewan. Our community is filled with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Warm and welcoming. We guarantee you’ll meet a friend (or three) for life! We have more than our fair share of fun.

Multi-generational Family

Many music festivals are all about the party. We are all about the music – both appreciating and playingAt our festival you will find music lovers, musicians and their families having a family-friendly good time. We are a dry music festival – allowing only for beverages to be consumed on camping ground areas. We believe music belongs to everyone!

For the kids, we have a play area, as well as kids activities and a secure site facility. The only worry you’ll have is how to get them to go to bed after all of the fun they will have!