Dom Flemons

Dom Flemons is a Grammy Award winning musician, singer-songwriter, and slam poet. Carrying on the songster tradition, Flemons strives to mix traditional music forms with a contemporary approach, to create new sounds that will appeal to wider audiences. In his recent solo album Prospect Hill (2014), Flemons drew from a wide range of styles, including ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals, southern traditional music, string band music, fife and drum music, and  jug-band music. He began his career as a performer in the Arizona music scene, where he produced 25 albums for singer-songwriters and slam poets in Pheonix.

In 2005, Flemons co-found the Carolina Chocolate Drops, an African-American string band that won a Grammy for its 2010 album Genuine Negro Jig.

The Foggy Hogtown Boys

 Since 2001, The Foggy Hogtown Boys have been delivering the goods to bluegrass fans across North America and around the world. What started as a weekly bar gig among friends has grown into one of Canada’s most popular roots music acts.
The FHB are known for having a sound that, although not bound to traditional conservatism, doesn’t sound like a bluegrass band trying to make new country or pop hits. They are noted for having the ability to slide between being a bluegrass band or an old-time band with remarkable ease and authority. Even a casual listener can tell that the FHB owe as much to the country music that happened pre-1945 as to the golden age of bluegrass.

The Slocan Ramblers

The Slocan Ramblers are Canada’s young bluegrass band to watch. Rooted in the tradition, fearlessly creative, and possessing a bold, dynamic sound, The Slocans (2015 Edmonton Folk Fest Emerging Artist Award recipients), have quickly become a leading light of Canada’s roots music scene, built on their reputation for energetic live shows, impeccable musicianship and their uncanny ability to convert anyone within earshot into a lifelong fan.

Kiera Dall’Osto

Kiera Dall’Osto is released her debut self-titled album in the Spring of 2017.  The magnetism of Kiera Dall’Osto’s voice evokes comparison to the rugged, under-appreciated Karen Dalton, with the achiness of country soul sisters Jeanie C. Riley and Sammi Smith.  The hot-shot band she has assembled for her debut album, consisting of Kacy and Clayton and Lucas Goetz (Deep Dark Woods), draws comparison to the melancholia of Magnolia Electric Co. and the rhythmic chug of Fairport Convention.  The culmination of years of song writing, pinpointing this album to a genre is no easy task.  Whether one settles on honky-tonk, Americana, soulful psychadelia, or just straight up Rock’n’Roll, what is not up for debate is Kiera’s ability as a songwriter, the wintery bite of her voice, or the breadth of talent and musical knowledge brought by the band.  Kiera is blessed to be promoting her album as a trio alongside good friends and incredible musicians, Chris Mason & Lucas Goetz (Deep Dark Woods). 

Sierra Noble

Winnipeg’s own, Sierra Noble is celebrating the release of her full length album, “City of Ghosts” on September 25th at The West End Cultural Centre.
After 2 years in New York City followed by 2 years in Nashville, “home is where the heart is” has never meant more to the local singer-songwriter who has moved back to her hometown to release her latest batch of songs.
“This album consists of songs that I have written over the past 8 years, some dating back to 2008 all the way through to 2016…it is a musical scrapbook, if you will, of my life since I released the Possibilities EP.”
Sierra Noble has been a well known part of the Canadian music scene since a very young age, beginning her touring career when she was only 14 years old as a solo Old-Time fiddle player.  Her evolution as an artist brought her to trying her hand at singing and songwriting debuted by a song called “Possibility” which went on to be featured on television shows such as “One Tree Hill” and “Switched at Birth.”  She credits that song to be what opened the door to her opening for international legends Bon Jovi, and Paul McCartney.

Nadine and Sammy

Nadine Landry and Stephen “Sammy” Lind
are members of the internationally acclaimed Foghorn Stringband, out of Portland, Oregon, USA. They play traditional fiddle music that has been passed on for hundreds of years, classics of the south west Louisiana Cajun dance halls and songs that could have filled a 50s smoky bar jukebox.

Ryan McNally Band

Whether he’s playing with his own solo band or other various outfits, he can’t be kept off Canadian stages. Ryan puts most of his energy in his passion for studying acoustic traditional blues, jazz and old time music. This led him to spending a winter in New Orleans where he wrote the majority of the material featured on Steppin’ Down South. This album is saturated with the sounds and rhythm of New Orleans streets.

Amundson Family Band

The Amundson Family live in Park Valley, SK and have deep roots in the area, and in the music that comes from between the hills. The music they play suitably fits right in with where they are from. Rural life held together by family ties and friendly neighbor’s results in real people playing real music.

Darryl started playing guitar and banjo at an early age and this evolved into a 10-year stint recording and touring with the Baler Strings Bluegrass band. Now, some years later, so far 3 of his 5 kids are accompanying him. Sonora, Ira and Nate are all playing and learning various instruments and singing both lead and harmonies to create a blend and comradery that only family can make. Because of their growing age, improving musicianship and changing voices, it provides somewhat of a moving target of a sound, and audiences may never know what they are going to hear from show to show. One thing you can count on though is they will bring you songs and performances that will encourage, uplift and entertain. They just released a snapshot of this sound in the form of a new album called “Right Where You Are”. Just as in their live show you will hear a mixture of original songs, old country, and classic bluegrass and gospel. What you hear on stage is what you would hear if you were invited into their living room on any night they happen to be skipping out on the dishes to make some down-home music.


Irvin Amundson and Friends 

Born, raised and still residing in Park Valley,SK, Irvin is well known for his easy, relaxed way of delivering great old gospel, bluegrass and cowboy songs. As one of the original members of The Baler Strings, Irvin still receives requests for some of his work with the group to this day. One listen to this unforgettable golden voice and you will be an instant fan.

Northern Lights is thrilled that Irvin will be leading the Sunday Morning Gospel portion of the Festival.


Festival + Music Camp

Our music camp instructors are our festival acts! You heard that correct! Our music instructors are living, breathing, professional touring acts that can offer our students more than a sit down lesson or two. These musicians educate our students past the book and bring enormous enthusiasm to the stage and this resonates with our students. Our festival brings the opportunity for our students to see their teachers in full form before the camp – an experience unlike any other music camp out there!

A Little Canadiana

Canada’s North is awe-inspiring. The trees. The lakes. The freshest of fresh air. And, the festival/music camp is hosted in the literal centre of it all! At the beautiful Ness Creek site you will camp under the stars in a secluded forested getaway. Just a short walk from your site you will find the pristine Ness Creek, and just a few miles away is the world famous Prince Albert National Park (The home of Grey Owl!). Within the region there are hundreds of lakes, trails and other adventures just waiting to be explored! Swim, fish, hike or just relax in the sun and listen to some sweet tunes.

Need directions to the Ness Creek site? Click here

Musician + Music Lover Paradise

Do you love music? Whether it’s a singing, picking, bowing, plucking or just humming along, we offer a musician’s and music lover’s paradise. There will be hot licks, calming gospel, back beat chopping, furious bowing, deep bass, grooving old time and more. And don’t forget the jamming! Jamming, jamming and more jamming. At every corner of the festival there will be an opportunity to create music with other like minded people. Be prepared to smile for weeks and weeks after the festival. Yeah, it’ll be that much fun.

Saskatchewan Hospitality

You know how Canadians are polite and friendly? Saskatchewanians are like that but multiplied by ten! You simply won’t get a more polite, friendly and gracious set of hosts than the people of Saskatchewan. Our community is filled with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Warm and welcoming. We guarantee you’ll meet a friend (or three) for life! We have more than our fair share of fun.

Multi-generational Family

Many music festivals are all about the party. We are all about the music – both appreciating and playingAt our festival you will find music lovers, musicians and their families having a family-friendly good time. We are a dry music festival – allowing only for beverages to be consumed on camping ground areas. We believe music belongs to everyone!

For the kids, we have a play area, as well as kids activities and a secure site facility. The only worry you’ll have is how to get them to go to bed after all of the fun they will have!