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This series of Social Media posts were created with curious camper in mind to help make that big decision  –  which camp class is the one for 2019?

If you are anything like the rest of us you admire all the acoustic instruments but need a bit of a hand in choosing one to concentrate on at Camp in 2019. Well, look no further. We are listing all the Around The Campfire posts of the current season and each post contains detailed information of what you can expect from the class and the instructor and they have all been created by our lovely Camp Director, Tracy Lalonde.

In this edition of Around the Campfire we are sending out an S.O.S! (Sing Out Strong)


Time and time again we encounter people who tell us that they love to sing, but they are perhaps a bit shy or self-conscious to really enjoy singing. This is one of the main reasons we created the Sing Out Strong class. If you want to become a stronger singer in a safe, welcoming environment then this is the class for you!

This is an all ages and all skill levels class led by Ariel Wyner of our Boston Berklee band, The Ruta Beggars.

A very cool fact about Ariel – he is a trained opera singer. What? Yes indeed, we think you’ll be in very good hands in this class! In addition to being an amazing vocalist, Ariel is a producer, arranger, composer, and mandolinist. What a fabulous opportunity to work with someone at this level of musicianship, yet to know you’ll be in a safe and supportive space no matter what your vocal skill level.



For more information about our Sing Out Strong class, please visit…/classes-skill-lev…/

                          Remember, we want to hear your voice ’round the campfire August 12-16 at beautiful Ness Creek.

Welcome back to our Around the Campfire series.


Today we are exploring the bluegrass instrument that people are perhaps the least familiar with. But once you hear the lonesome sound of the resonator guitar or #Dobro, you’ll never forget it.

The Dobro community on the prairies is small but mighty and if you ask any of the players about an instructor who stands out for them, you’ll probably hear them mention the name Ivan RosenbergBased out of Toronto, Ivan is one of the most respected and sought after instructors in the genre, and we are so pleased that he will be teaching this class at our upcoming music camp. He will also be performing with BC based Viper Central and with Zachary Lucky at the festival following camp.

Although it will be very beneficial to have some basic experience on the instrument, Ivan is a very experienced teacher and can easily handle a class with participants playing at various levels. In his words, “You’ll be playing most of the time in this very hands-on class. You’ll leave camp with plenty to work on in the months and years ahead, but primarily we’ll be covering practical skills and strategies that you can use in jams right away. ” How amazing is that?

Welcome back to our Around the Campfire series, where everything is in Harmony….


Today we feature one of our most popular classes at Music Camp – Vocal Harmony. During our week at camp, the most beautiful sounds can be heard floating around the Ness Creek site and they originate from the Vocal Harmony tent. You can almost see the notes hovering in the air and swirling around you.

Perhaps the only thing better than hearing voices in harmony is being one of the voices creating it.

We have some exciting things in store for the 2019 class, most notably having it led by Megan Brown and Kelli Jones, two members of the Cajun group, T’ Monde. These ladies and their beautiful voices will demonstrate harmony skills using repertoire that is very close to their heart, including Cajun, Traditional Louisiana, Classic Country and Sibling-style harmonies. What a learning opportunity!




This class is for singers who are already comfortable singing lead lines or melody lines and want to take the next step into exploring or improving their harmony lines. This is a great next-level class for those who have taken our Sing Out Strong class, which focuses on lead vocal skills.

Welcome back to our Around the Campfire Series.


What do you get when you cross a clown, a magician and a multi-instrumentalist? We don’t know either, but we’re sure excited to find out!

Meet Micah Nicol, the multi-talented fellow selected to teach our Music Camp’s inaugural Master Class – A Berklee Degree in Three (Days). 
It has been our great privilege to observe the musical growth that has happened with many of the participants who’ve attended our music camp over the years. We wanted to provide a music education experience that matches their growing talent levels.

We challenged Micah, a student of the prestigious Boston Berklee College of Music, to come up with an advanced class outline that takes all the practical elements of his degree and condenses them into three days of creative application and fun, on whatever your main stringed instrument may be. Taking theory and making it practical, this advanced course will focus on articulating sounds you are already familiar with, how to find new sounds to diversify musical style in accompaniment and solos,and developing a further understanding of music as a whole…not for the faint of heart, be prepared to exercise your fingers and your mind!

This class is for advanced players on stringed instruments who are already very comfortable taking lead instrumental breaks but would like to diversify their leads.

If this looks like the class for you, please visit our website to for more information or to register. We look forward to hearing your great picking ‘Round the Campfire at Music Camp August 12-16 at the beautiful Ness Creek Site.

Today we would like to share where it all begins… FUNGRASS!


Fungrass is our introduction to music class for children ages 6 to 9. We believe that learning music at this age is best interspersed with creativity, movement and play, so kids enjoy the best of both worlds. We also believe that by being exposed to the music being made by all the camp classes, our Fungrassers become inspired and go on to become the next generation of singers and players.

We are excited to have the amazing Ms. Eliza Doyle return to teach our Fungrass group. Eliza is a versatile player, a seasoned performer, teacher, and session musician who brings an authenticity and energy to her music through her unstoppable and ferocious spirit. Let’s see if they can keep up with her!

A common question parents have is whether to register a child who is already playing an instrument or singing into regular camp classes or into Fungrass. The short answer is that it depends on the child. Let’s chat! Please send an email to

To learn more about Fungrass and to register your budding musician, please visit our website.

See you ’round the campfire…