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The Northern Lights Music Camp provides a friendly, non-competitive environment for musicians of all ages and skill levels. Perhaps you are just getting started in music? Or you are a skilled player looking to hone your skills? We have a class for you.

Skill Level Descriptions –

Please sign up for the class that best describes your current skill level.  If you are uncomfortable on your first day of class, you’ll have the option to discuss changing classes. 

*Note – if you are a new beginner, before registering, please ensure you read the corresponding section of our Frequently Asked Questions here


You are relatively new to your instrument. You have been taking a few lessons or learning through how-to videos and are looking for a solid base to be established. You want to know about correct posture, how to best hold the pick or bow, how to improve chord formation, tips on tuning and intonation, and you want to begin playing songs. You need to be introduced to good study/practice habits, how to read music or tablature, and developing excellent technique.


You are progressing on your instrument. You are ready to start to play with other musicians and you can already play a few tunes from memory. You can play along with a CD if it is at medium speed. You are feeling that you need a booster to get you moving toward the next level. You have a solid grasp of all the basic techniques for your instrument and may be able to read tablature or music.


You are looking for fine tuning tips on how to improve your playing. You can jam with others, improvise fairly well on new tunes and are (or want to) play in an organized band. Your tab/music reading skills are great. You know some scales and how to use them in improvisation situations. Your speed is improving as you use your metronome. You have an arsenal of tunes you can play from memory. You play your instrument or practice almost every day.


Classes for 2018


Beginner Guitar


This class is for those who are just starting to play guitar. You will expand your chord knowledge, work on good rhythm and learn to play some easy songs to really get you going.

Pre-requisites: Students should be familiar with the notes of the open strings on the guitar, how to tune, how to form the basic chords G, C and D and be ready to play with a pick.

Intermediate Guitar



Pre-requisites: You have experience playing songs with chords in common keys.  You can change chords with ease, keep time with songs, and you are looking to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Advanced Bluegrass Flatpicking


Pre-requisites: Students should have moderate experience playing simple lead lines/flatpicking single notes, and should be able to change chords and chord shapes with ease.


Beginner Bluegrass Banjo


Class: In Beginner Banjo, you will learn how to hold and tune the banjo, picking patterns, some basic chord shapes, how to find simple melody and how to get that bluegrass sound.

Pre-requisites:   Students should be familiar with the notes of the open strings of the banjo, how to tune and how to play one or two simple rolls.

Beginner/Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo



Pre-requisite: This is an all skill levels class.  Basic experience with a fretted instrument, and knowledge of difference between “clawhammer” and “three-finger” is preferred.

Intermediate/Advanced Bluegrass Banjo



Prerequisites: Students should have moderate experience playing simple rolls, and should be able to change chords and chord shapes with ease.


Beginner Mandolin



Intermediate/Advanced Mandolin


Pre-requisites: Students should be able to chord comfortably in a jam situation and be venturing into lead breaks


Old Time Fiddle

Pre-requisites: This class is open to all levels, but be warned any new technique takes time, patience, and practice. Come ready to dig in!!

Intermediate Bluegrass Fiddle


Pre-requisites: Students interested in taking the Intermediate Bluegrass Fiddle class should possess some prior knowledge and a moderate degree of skill in old-time or bluegrass fiddle music and know some of the most common tunes within the styles. 



Pre-requisites: Students should have a grasp on basic technique, and fundamentals of the instrument. While this will all be reviewed and built upon throughout the class, basic technique and some previous experience on the instrument is strongly encouraged.

Resophonic Guitar (Dobro)


Class: This course will focus on providing beginner players with foundational knowledge and techniques on the Dobro (Resonator Guitar) as well as refine these techniques for more advanced players. Students will receive tab handouts for any songs/solos that are taught in the course.


Jam Band


Sing Out Strong


Pre-requisites: This is a workshop for anyone who likes to sing and wishes to improve their singing. Sing Out Strong is a good foundation for the next-level Vocal Harmony class.

Vocal Harmony


Pre-requisite:  The ability to sing a melody line in tune.  If you are new to singing, or require more experience singing confidently, we recommend enrolling in our Sing Out Strong class to develop a good base prior to taking Vocal Harmony.  


No previous musical experience is necessary

Guest Meals

Northern Lights offers guest meal packages for spouses or parent/guardians. Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for more information on Guests.

**When purchasing meals please use NA on parts of the form that do not relate to you.

Guest Lunches Only Package

– Camping Spot (must be accompanying a registered participant), Monday BBQ, Tuesday – Thursday Lunch, Friday Brunch, Snacks, Evening Activities. Save $50 per registration by registering before June 15th, 2018.

Guest Full Meals Package

– Camping Spot (must be accompanying a registered participant), Monday BBQ, Tuesday – Thursday Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Friday Brunch, Snacks, Evening Activities.

Early Bird Rates are as follows:
Guest – Lunches Only – $150.00
Guest –Full Meals – $225.00