What is included in my Camp Package?

Few camps offer so many inclusions at such a reasonable price.  Northern Lights subsidizes a portion of the cost of all youth registrations.  We love to see young people benefit from master level instruction.

We feel that gathering together for at least one daily meal really helps camp participants get to know one another. Therefore, we’ve packaged our rates to include meal plans. You may choose packaged pricing that includes either *Lunches Only or *Full Meals.  All registrant packages include our Monday night BBQ, instrument or vocal instruction, full access to programming, daily snack breaks and onsite camping space.

*Lunches Only Plan – includes Monday Night BBQ, Lunches Tuesday to Thursday, Friday Brunch and all snacks.

*Full Meals Plan – Includes Monday Night BBQ, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Tuesday to Thursday, Friday Brunch and all snacks.

*Guest Meal Plans include meals and access to evening programming


May I bring guests to the Camp?

Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Camp is a private event intended to foster an intimate learning environment for registrants.  Of course, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We close the camp and its activities to people who are not registered or who have not made themselves known to us as a parent or guardian.  We have the ability to accept a limited number of spouses of adult participants. Please register early if you intend to have a spouse join you. Guests are encouraged to purchase guest meal packages so they can eat together with their family members and the rest of the camp.  Guests will receive wristbands giving them access to their purchased meals and our evening programming.  ALL GUESTS must attend registration to receive appropriate wrist banding to ensure access to the site.

I am a new beginner and I’ve never played an instrument before; can I still register?

While Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Society has a strong focus on introducing people to and educating people about the instruments that inform bluegrass and old-time music, we caution against coming into the camp as a new beginner for most classes. A new beginner is defined as someone with an interest in an instrument, but with no experience on it. We recommend renting or buying an instrument several months prior to the camp and spending considerable time familiarizing yourself with how it is strung, how to tune it, and how to form simple chords. Knowing as much as possible about your instrument, and in particular, listening to songs that feature it, will go a long way toward making your camp experience a much more positive one. Northern Lights seeks to provide learning opportunities to all ages and we understand that people learn differently. Please note that there is a considerable amount of focused class time that some young children find difficult to remain engaged in. We offer our Fungrass program for children ages 5- 9, as we believe that music education is best interspersed with play at that age.

How old should my child be before registering for a class?

We offer our Fungrass program for children ages 6 – 9, as we believe that music education is best interspersed with play at that age.

Regarding children ages 9 and up, we appreciate that some younger musicians have lots of experience with longer learning sessions and will be just fine, however, there are some that may not be ready or prefer not to spend these longer periods of focused learning time. With this in mind, we do ask that parents give considerable thought as to whether their child is ready for a full class.

We are happy to assist with questions about how classes are scheduled at the camp. To get a better sense of how involved a class might be for a younger child, please contact us at camp@northernlightsbluegrass.ca

I’d like to take a class but I don’t have an instrument. Can you provide one?

Please email camp@northernlightsbluegrass.ca and we will guide you through the process of renting an instrument at a reasonable rate.

Do I have to know how to play Bluegrass or Old Time to register?

Absolutely not.  Maybe your main genre is rock and roll, jazz or country; that’s just fine! You will be exposed to skills and offered tips and tricks that you can apply to any genre.  You may be taught in a particular style, however, that will only add to your skill level when playing your instrument or singing your songs.

What if I’m too advanced or not advanced enough for the class I’ve chosen?

Please attend the first session of the class you have chosen and if you are not comfortable, please speak to your instructor or the camp host and they will guide you.

Can I take more than one class or sit in on other classes during the week?

Participants must choose only one class and remain with their instructor for the duration of camp.  It is very difficult for the instructor to build on the skills taught during each previous session if the class does not remain together.  To help you enjoy a full musical camp experience, several special interest workshops or ‘mini-workshops’ on various topics are offered throughout the week.  So for example, if you take the banjo class, but you also like to sing, you may be able to sit in on a vocal harmony mini-workshop.  If you play guitar but are curious about a dobro, sit in on a resonator guitar workshop.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations prior to July 15th are subject to a $75 cancellation/administration fee. Cancellations after July 15th will be considered 50% refundable.

Still something on your mind?

First preference for contact:  Email camp@northernlightsbluegrass.ca
Second preference: Call or text Tracy @ 306.370.7360