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Andrew Collins – The Foggy Hogtown Boys

Andrew Collins is at the epicentre of Canada’s burgeoning acoustic/roots music scene. He didn’t invent it – but he’s certainly a major contributor, having co-founded seriously noteworthy Canadian bands like the Creaking String Quartet, the Foggy Hogtown Boys and, more recently, the Andrew Collins Trio.  Andrew plays mandolin with an adventuresome spirit that is backed by virtuosic technique. Although he is at home playing jazz or classical music on the mandolin, his playing in the FHB is firmly rooted in the Monroe school.  An in-demand teacher, sound engineer and producer, Andrew has recorded the last 4 projects by The Foggy Hogtown Boys.

Beginner mandolin

The Beginner mandolin class will look at the basic fundamentals of mandolin playing.   We will cover topics such as holding the pick/mandolin, pick strokes, learning basic melody and rhythm playing.  There will be a focus on practice techniques for getting the most out of your practice time, and lots of in class, hands on, playing time.

Prerequisites: Students need not have a lot of experience with mandolin, but should know how the instrument is strung, how to tune it and should be starting to form a few basic chords such as G, C and D.