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 Max Heineman – The Foggy Hogtown Boys

A life in music is practically unavoidable when you’re born into a family of musicians. Max Heineman was weaned on Country music in the rural wilds of Ontario, through both the radio and his mother’s work as a background vocalist on the Tommy Hunter Show. By the age of twelve he was performing as a singer and bassist with his family band on a weekly gig in Toronto’s Cabbagetown. He got his first upright bass in high school and played gigs in his dad’s jazz trio throughout his teens. He later moved to NYC with his brother to facilitate songwriting, recording and gigging with his cousins, Caleb and Josh Heineman. In 1998 he discovered Bluegrass and Old Time on a local college radio show and, drawn to the rich soulful harmonies and the depth of the tradition, he’s been hooked ever since.

Max is highly respected as an intuitive and seasoned bass player; he also plays both clawhammer and Scruggs style banjo and rhythm guitar, which inform his overall understanding of the unique rhythms of Bluegrass, Old Time and Country music. He is renowned as vocalist – his powerful voice and ability to sing with an emotional commitment to the song leave the listener feeling truly connected. The rich soulful environment of a Bluegrass vocal ensemble is a home away from home for him.

Since 2006 Max has been playing with the Foggy Hogtown Boys and touring the U.S., Canada, Israel, Ireland, England and most recently Germany’s Bluegrass Jamboree. In 2009 he founded The Lonesome Ace Stringband with fellow Foggy Hogtown Boys John Showman and Chris Coole, and in 2012 began recording and touring with Canadian artist Annie Lou.

Sing Out Strong

The voice is the first instrument and the one that connects us to each other. Every voice is unique and in this workshop we will create a group setting where everyone will let their unique voice ring out with confidence. The early part of the workshop will focus on techniques for projecting, proper breathing, tone, rhythm and developing tools for intonation (singing in key). From there we will work on techniques for finding basic harmony and developing the ability to maintain a harmony note without drifting to the lead singers note. We will learn how to fine tune harmony through the use of tone and timing. We will do all this work but it will feel like all we are doing is having a great time, looking forward to singing with you!


This is a workshop for anyone who likes to sing and wishes to improve their singing. Sing Out Strong is a good foundation for the next-level Vocal Harmony class.