Class Descriptions and Registration

The Northern Lights Music Camp provides a friendly, non-competitive environment for musicians of all ages and skill levels. Perhaps you are just getting started in music? Or you are a skilled player looking looking to hone your skills? We have a class for you.

Instructor TBA

Beginner Guitar

This class is for those who are just starting to play guitar. You will expand your chord knowledge, work on good rhythm and learn to play some easy songs to really get you going.

Prerequisites – Students should be familiar with how the guitar is strung, how to tune, how to form the basic chords G, C and D and be ready to play with a pick.

Instructor TBA

Intermediate Rhythm Guitar

Lessons will cover the basics of rhythm guitar for accompaniment. We will cover a wide range of guitar playing techniques with a focus on tone, taste, and timing as well as how to jam. Some techniques covered will be; bluegrass chords, how and when to use a capo, pick technique, left hand positions, intro to solos, time time time, the G run, and bass runs.

Prerequisites – You have experience playing songs with chords in common keys.  You can change chords with ease, keep time with songs, and you are looking to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Instructor –  Darryl Poulsen of The Slocan Ramblers

Advanced Bluegrass Guitar – Class description

The class will concentrate on furthering each student’s skills in both flatpicking techniques, constructing solos for instrumentals and vocals from the three major chordal “families” (G, C, and D), advanced rhythm patterns (including proper selection of lead-in notes, runs, etc.), occasional back-up technique and fills to accompany vocal phrasing, and guitar accompaniment for the solo artist.  Each student should bring with her/him an acoustic guitar, a flatpick (weight and shape of your choosing), a capo, tuner and extra strings.

Prerequisites: Students should have moderate experience playing simple lead lines/flatpicking single notes, and should be able to change chords and chord shapes with ease.